Getting Started

Are you living a life worth living?

Are you going day to day, in the same routine, desperate for a change?

I too live a 9-5 existence.

In an attempt to breakaway from that existence I quit my job at the end of December 2014 and tried to make a full time living reselling on eBay and Amazon. 9 months later, I had mismanaged my money.   I began to acquire debt.   I had to return to a full time job. 

What has changed?   My perspective.   I began reading self development books, listening to motivational podcasts.   I began seeing how I can work on a daily basis to make my dreams come true.

What is my dream?   To make a steady income online and live a laptop lifestyle.    In this blog/vlog/podcast I document my journey to make my dream a reality while having a full time job.  

Who am I?

My name is Paul ‘PVP’ Perez and I’m improving myself by listening/reading/watching self improvement material.   I have fun by  teaching what I’ve learned, expressing myself and documenting my life.   I hope to encourage you to do the same and if you need help doing so, please reach out(see the contact tab above or comment below).   Life is short.   Do what excites you, what motivates you, what brings you life!

Here’s my first couple of podcast episodes where you can learn more about my story.

The P-V-P Show

Reseller Rising

I’ve worked, failed and restarted several opportunities.   Ebay, Kindle Publishing, Amazon FBA, selling PLR, to name a few.    I’m still pursuing a few these.

Some of my biggest lessons learned?

  • Mental, physical health is number one.
  • Be OK with taking time off.   Don’t spend every minute of your day working.
  • Be around people, hangout with family, friends.   Social activities.   Disconnect.
  • Take your time and build your business(es).   Cities aren’t built overnight.   They take time.   Give yourself 5-10 years to realize your dream.
  • Take regular daily, weekly, monthly action towards your goals.   Step by step, brick by brick.
  • Don’t quit.   I’ve quit and restarted so many times.   Small steps, take breaks when needed, step away for a bit.   Just don’t quit.

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