8 Lessons Learned from my Trip to Jamaica

Here’s the podcast version.

I recently returned from a two-day trip to Jamaica.   Since I started getting into the Dancehall scene over a decade ago, I’ve wanted to visit J-A.    I would watch DVDs which would film the street parties there.   Passa Passa, Weddy Weddy Wednesdays where some of the names I remember.   Parties where street dancers would dance till the breaking dawn.


Attending a couple of these parties, was one of my goals on this trip.   


Mission accomplished.   Scratch that off my bucket list.   


I want to go back, take some dancehall classes, go to even more street parties.


I went with a couple who’ve traveled to Jamaica, numerous times.   This made the trip much more enjoyable.


These are 8 lessons learned from my trip to Jamaica(which I will apply on the return visit):


  1. Get a Digicel(local cell phone provider)cell phone.    Buy a used, unlocked phone here in the states(on eBay).    On the return visit, I will buy a chip and put money on the phone.
  2. Jamaica is a hot place.   Comfortable, regular wear t-shirt, shorts, sandals.   Jeans, for night time, not during the day time.
  3. Call the bank your debit/credit card is issued from.   Tell them you’re traveling.   So as to not block your card from use, while overseas.
  4. Make a connection with a driver who can show you around town.   These drivers are often readily available 24 hours a day(more or less).   Especially overnights when you want to attend a street party and need transportation to/from your destination.
  5. Uber (and Lyft) are super cheap compared to traditional taxi services.   The night I met up with friends(whom I’d taken the trip with)I used Uber for the first time.   I called a local car service first, from my location to where my friends live the price was $35.   With Uber, it was $12.56.   Incredible(this was in the states not in Jamaica).
  6. Air BNB is the way to go!   The money saved on food is substantial.   By going to a local supermarket, buying groceries, going back to the apartment and cooking your own food.   The healthier option as well.    The place we stayed in even had a pool, wi-fi, and a balcony.   A three bedroom apartment in the middle of Kingston.   $85-90 per night.
  7. Jamaican Jerk Chicken, from the pan, after a night of dancing, is delicious.
  8. Keep practicing your dance.    I learned that I’m not so bad after all.   Other people at parties were following my friend and I.   I was dumbfounded by this.


I can’t wait to go back!

Here’s the YouTube version.

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