Beauty and the Beast (2017) Movie Review

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Episode#56 I saw the original Beauty and the Beast on VHS while I was living in Washington Heights.   I was in my late teens.   I remember the movie bringing me to tears.
I’m a sap for romance.   I saw this movie with my friend Kathy.   I reviewed Fantastic Beasts and La La Land with her.   She is a super fan of Beauty and the Beast.   She knows the songs, has seen the show on Broadway.    Kathy owns an autographed t-shirt signed by the central cast of the play.   I was more excited by her enthusiasm to see the movie.   We anticipated and planned seeing the film late 2016.

My pros of this movie:

  • Great look/environment.
  • Music.
  • The cast overall was strong.
  • Talking-singing ratio.
  • Belle’s backstory.
  • This movie will progress Emma Watson’s career to another level.   She was incredible.


My cons:

  • Wasn’t crazy about the ending and the way Gaston suddenly exits the movie.   The movie became flat for me at that point.    The beast being revived the whole ball at the end.    Lost a little bit of the magic after.
  • I want a Beauty and the Beast movie with a grotesque Beast.   This beast was way too handsome.
  • The Beast could’ve been played by anyone else with some acting chops.
  • The CG wasn’t up to the level of the recent live action Jungle Book movie.

My thoughts on this film:

Emma Watson was the heart of this film.    The cast overall was tremendous.    The musical numbers with Evans-Gaston and Gaad-Lafoo were my favorites.   

The furniture and utensils were the driving force of the film.    Moving us along the story entertainingly.   They were the link which bring together Belle and the Beast.   The ‘Be Our Guest’ musical number was a visual feast for the eyes.   Ewan Mcgregor doing a french accent, kind of funny, but you get used to it quickly.

My final score is 7.5/10.   

See the original Beauty and the Beast here. 

This is the movie soundtrack to the new movie.

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