Episode#41 Brendon Burchard’s ‘Life’s Golden Ticket’ book. My Biggest Takeaways.

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This book marks the 3rd self development book I’ve read/listened to, which uses the parable format to relay its messages. This method is quickly becoming my favorite. The first was the Go-Giver, the second being Who moved my cheese.

When I first opened the book I thought, with all this small text, this book is going to take forever. As I started reading, I was surprised and impressed by Mr. Burchard’s writing. I’m a regular listener and fan of his podcast. I kept hearing his voice as I was reading the book. This book can absolutely be translated into a movie.

This is not a totally happy book. It does go into some darker territory such as abuse and violence. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it and became even more engaged as it progressed.
Here are five takeaways from Brendon Burchard’s ‘Life’s Golden Ticket’:

  • ‘The second step is to interrupt the spell-to question or tune out society’s messages, as well as those in your mind, that make you question your strength. The third step is to start living your life by conscious control.’ pg 36
  • ‘Too often we forget the most important and meaningful chapters in our life’s story.’ pg47
  • ‘I simply took away the three reference points every person needs in order to be self-aware. First, I told them to stop paying attention to their thoughts and feelings. Second, I told them to stop paying attention from the outside world, to pretend the crowd wasn’t even there.’ pg 72
  • ‘Don’t forget the third reference point. To be self-aware you also need to know who you are. You have to have an internal standard for who you are or who you want to be.’ pg 72
  • ‘Your career is making you miserable. I have no doubt that you’re busy. But you are not fulfilled, and your busy work isn’t your life’s work. Am I right?’ pg 119
  • There is so much more wonderful material in this book. Including an actual envelope at the end (if purchased new physical copy of the book) for the reader. In reading the story you will know the significance of the envelope.

If you’re interested in reading this book, check out the amazon link in the show notes for this episode. By buying the book through this link it will support myself and the author of this book. Thanks for listening/reading/watching.

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Here is the podcast version.



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