Episode#53 John Legend Hip Hop Beat Mixtape

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There’s a particular type of John Legend song which I enjoy. Those tracks in which he sings over hip hop beats. This mixtape is a collection of some of those songs. There are some other more r-n-b style tunes, which I think are great and are included.

The tracklist is below.   Links to the albums or the individual songs if you’re interested in purchasing the songs on this mixtape.   Purchasing through these links will benefit myself and the artists.

  1. Jay-Z & John Legend – ‘Do You Wanna Ride’
  2. John Legend – ‘Wanna Be Loved’
  3. John Legend – ‘Another Again’
  4. John Legend – ‘Don’t You Worry About a Thing’
  5. John Legend – ‘Made To Love’
  6. Consequence & John Legend – ‘Feel This Way’
  7. Common & John Legend – ‘They Say’
  8. John Legend – ‘Save The Night’
  9. John Legend – ‘Let’s Get Lifted’
  10. John Legend & Chance The Rapper – ‘Penthouse Floor’
  11. John Legend & Andre 3000 – ‘Green Light’
  12. Snoop Dogg, John Legend & Kanye West – ‘Eyes Closed’

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