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Episode #65

At work, I feel managers(who often have much on their plates) come down on the subordinates harshly.    At times, not always.   


The subordinates, my peers, often have a victim mentality and don’t take ownership of issues.    I too, am guilty of this.


After a nap, an idea came to me.    Making a mistake journal.   Writing down all the mistakes were I was painfully admonished.   Those tend to stay with me.


Mistakes are excellent tools to learn, opportunities to grow.   Writing things down and re-reading them help reinforce lessons learned(for me anyway).   Try this practice yourself and see if it helps.   


I’m not purposely making mistakes, I’m afraid of making them.   Reframing one’s mindset,  mistakes can be inviting.    A happy situation.   Something to look forward to.   I would hope to say to myself..’this is exciting.   I messed up but now I’m going to learn something new, I’m going to grow here’.


The same can be said for situations which are bothersome.    I was listening to this episode of the ‘Ask Gary Vee’ show where John Legend was his guest.    He had a caller, and independent musician, who was asking questions but continued to interrupt John Legend while he was giving him advice.   Very annoying.   I thought ‘dude you’re on the ground level.   This multi-award winning, platinum selling artist is giving you advice.   Shut up and listen!’   I loved Gary’s response.   I thought he would cut the caller off.   I felt Mr. Vanyerchuk accepted getting annoyed/bothered, and saw it as a challenge.   An example he can share with his audience.  


Here’s a link to that YouTube episode.   Gary Vee with John Legend on the Ask Gary Vee Show


I have also found that when I feel hurt, frustrated, alone, rejected I’m inspired to create.   Stories, poems, maybe blog or vlog material.   Here are two stories I’ve written which were born from these feelings.   This one here was inspired by a girl I really liked at the time, but she wasn’t giving me the attention that I wanted and blew me off….this other story I wrote was motivated by a work supervisor who frustrated me to no end.   I would spend hours thinking about how he took me from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds.   What does that say about me?

We, presently, still work together.    Doesn’t affect me as much but there are occassions.   Here’s a link to that story.   Once again everything is content.


The Real Brian Show podcast, episode #40, he interviewed a woman by the name of Mabel Rodriguez.   Related takeaways from this episode and how I interpreted them:


  • Beating ourselves up is counter productive.   
  • We are our biggest support group and our greatest critics, everything ends and begins with us.    
  • Once we begin our internal speech to ourselves to be better, to continue; we will be in a much better place to deal with whatever is to come.   Even if you don’t believe it at the time.


Here is a link to that episode.    The Real Brian Show with Mabel Rodriguez, episode#40


For me, negative talk tends to linger.    I’ve heard somewhere the metaphor of using a dimmer switch.   Dimming that negative talk and increasing the positive chatter.


Challenges and obstacles.    This is how we improve.   Earlier I was talking about making mistakes.    Those mistakes can be painful.    Working through the pain, that obstacle is what makes us turn ‘pro.’    Dealing with resistance, overcoming a challenge is what makes life worth living.


I’ve heard this statement over and over again on various podcasts.   ‘Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.’  


This is where the growth happens.    Robin Sharma said in a recent podcast to do the things that scare you.   He said everyone is doing the easy thing.   But how many are doing the hard stuff?


The exception can be a situation is too negative, when do you just cut your loses and move on?   Case by case basis right?


Here’s the YouTube version of the podcast.


These negative feelings, mistakes, frustrations, challenges, obstacles are all blessings in disguise.

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