Logan Movie Review SPOILERS!

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After the early reviews, the buzz, I was really looking forward to this movie.   Co-workers had seen it and their reviews had ranged from ‘adequate’ to ‘tear-jerking’.


This is one of the better X-men movies.   Right up there with First Class, Deadpool and Days of Future Past being my favorites.   In my opinion none of the X Men films have been downright terrible.    All have been decent to great.    X3 and Wolverine Origins are the two films which are universally panned, but I didn’t think they were unwatchable.


If you, like myself, have watched all these films since the year 2000, which I still can’t believe this franchise has been around that long, Logan will reward you.    


Logan is an investment/payoff film.   If you’ve been emotionally tied to these characters for years, the film will really resonate with you.  This movie we fans, have gotten what common sense would dictate, that a character like Wolverine would curse, be violent.   Shed lots of blood and make others do the same.


Superhero films, I feel are better when they are in another genre.   The tropes of a superhero movie; the origin story, fight bad guys, get the girl, stop a city or world ending event.   With all the comic book movies we’ve gotten within the last 20 plus years, I just don’t think this formula works well anymore unless it is something we haven’t seen before and even then I don’t think it can be refreshing.


Putting superheroes in other genre movies tends to work better.   Examples being the dark knight which was a crime drama, deadpool which was a romantic comedy for the most part, ant-man which was a heist movie.   


This movie for all intents and purposes was a drama.   A bloody one at that.


My older brother use to read comics when we were kids.   I adore my older brother and wanted to follow everything he did.   One of the comics he use to read was the Uncanny X-men, so I read it as well and back then Wolverine was my favorite character.    It’s taken 17 years to get this character 100% right I feel and this movie did that.


This movie and Deadpool as well have shown that R-rated superhero movies can work.   Also stand alone movies connected to the universe (or not) can work as well.    I feel 20th Century Fox who own the rights to X-men movie, TV franchise are starting to be more consistent or maybe find a success formula with these films.   Deadpool being the first, now Logan.


Particulars about the film,  The violence and the cursing started right from the get go.    The emotion in the movie was wonderful and at times heart wrenching.  The entire cast was fantastic with Patrick Stewart being the heart of the film then that transfers to the young girl who plays X-23/Lauren, actress Dafne Keen.   I enjoyed Wolverine’s main opposition being a group of badguys.   Boyd Holbrook from Narcos was fantastic, so was Richard Grant.   The Logan clone was a good choice for Wolverine’s main-physical opposition.   If it had been a character from the X-men universe it may have taken away from the main story.    The clone was a disposable heavy.


Hugh Jackman playing a damaged older wolverine, sick, walking with a limp, one of his claws not fully retracting, I was sold.   


My cons with the film.   The explain away cell phone video which reveals X-23’s origin, I just found that to be convenient.   Logan’s death in the end.   I mean hasn’t he been through worse and come back.   I didn’t buy it.


20th Century Fox is really stepping it up with these films.   I think I’m going to fire up the Roku and rent Age Of Apocalypse.
9/10 for this terrific film.   See this especially if you’re a fan of the X Men film franchise.   Let’s be honest though, you’ve probably already seen this.