MuSicals Mix Tape March 2017

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This is a mix tape.   This won’t be for everybody.   I love a number of musicals which have been released in the last 12 years or so.   Netflix, as of late, has been releasing a few of my favorites which has had me reminiscing, singing the songs, out loud at home.   Films such as Across the Universe, and especially Sweeney Todd.


This mix tape consists mostly of male performances.    The ladies in the movies sing incredible numbers, but I don’t feel the guys get enough love.   I feel the performance from the men is masculine and stoic.   A far departure, I feel of how men are portrayed in so many of today’s films and tv shows as grown man children.   Overly sensitive and without a clue.


The films covered in this mix tape but not in this order.



Other musicals, honorable mentions, which are some of my favorites are but are not on this mixtape are: Ray (2004), Once (2007), Begin Again (2013), Rock Of Ages (2012).



Here’s the YouTube version.



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