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I’ve lived in New Jersey for 7 years now.   I’ve never thought to really enjoy parks in other towns (in Jersey).   I don’t even know where the nearest hospital is.    This trip was the beginning of that.   I remember coming to Palisade Park as a kid.    It was nice to re-visit.   My main intention from the start was to find a beach.    There is one in this park but it didn’t open until the memorial day weekend.   This was shot in April.

360 Video


Robin Sharma talked about walking in nature.  How it can be a great time for reflection.   


According to this article from the Wellness Mama website, Grounding or Earthing is the practice of coming into direct contact with the Earth outside.   This can be done by walking barefoot or sleeping outdoors on soil.   The benefits include reduce stress and better sleep.   This will be linked in the show notes.


Camping, I can do without, but I find an afternoon hike very enjoyable.


As of the last few years,  I’ve begun noticing the beauty of flowers especially during  the spring season.   I thought apple and pear trees would be reserved for places like California or Florida.   I found a couple around my neighborhood!   Apples and pears were picked and eaten..   Several times.


This park is huge.   In the dark, this would be a scary place to get lost.   Stuff horror movies are made of.   I’m joking, not really.


As you can see in the video I walked alongside the Hudson river.   You can see New York city on the other side.


I like being near water. Hearing waves, seeing the river.    Seeing boats pass by.   


I was introduced to Uber and Lyft on my trip to Jamaica.    You can see me talk about that trip here.   I used a Lyft to get here.   It tends to be a couple of bucks cheaper than Uber and I’m told that the drivers get a bigger cut of the pay.   With these apps I don’t have to wait for the NJ Transit buses to get to further points in New Jersey.   I’m looking forward to going to the Jersey shore this summer.   Maybe visit a farm to get some fresh produce.   The possibilities are endless.


After talking to some Lyft and Uber drivers (in NJ) I started to consider this as another way to make money.   On these trips I’m often asking the drivers questions and they are quick to entertain me.   A few of the drivers have told me that making close to $400 a day(on a good day)is very do-able.   I’ve had a couple on/off attempts to get my driver’s license.   My costs would rise due to the car insurance, possible car payments, but if I keep all my costs under $4000 per month as they are right now, this can be an option.


Digging deeper into the Uber/Lyft requirements, you must have 1 year’s driving experience and a clean driving record, to do Lyft.   It’s 3 years road experience and a similar record for Uber.    Daydreaming I would think, one can do Uber/Lyft for a full time income and eBay as a side hustle.   The time and cost investment can be high, the money made afterwards can be good.   Then I started thinking, by the time I get around to finally learning how to drive, will self driving cars be an everyday thing?   How popular will these car services be then?   A driver’s license is good to get either way right?   We shall see.


To anyone watching this video/Listening to this audio, get outside and walk around, visit your nearest park, get closer to nature.   Bring friends, family, loved ones along.    This can be a very inexpensive time out and a wonderful bonding experience.   

Links & Resources

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Wellness Mama article on Grounding/Earthing

Gary Vanyerchuk ‘Document vs. Create’

This was my take on Gary Vee’s ‘Document vs. Create’.

My Jamaica trip…which started me off on using Uber/Lyft



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