Netflix Iron Fist Review. SPOILERS.

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The Marvel Netflix series haven’t always hit with me.   I very much enjoyed Daredevil season 1, maybe because it was a new style of telling a comic book story, on a v.o.d. channel.   With violence and action.    Since then I’ve enjoyed Daredevil season 2, didn’t care for Jessica Jones, and struggled to finish Luke Cage.


With Jessica Jones, I watched the first and last episode and felt I didn’t need to watch anymore.   I looked at some of Luke Cage, dropped it for awhile, then went back and finished it.   With Daredevil season 2, I committed to most of the season and finally finished the whole thing months later.


I’ve heard other TV critics say these particular shows would greatly benefit from being a 6-8 episode season, I wholeheartedly agree.


I saw Iron Fist while battling a cold and staying in bed.   Iron Fist was good but not great.   I thought the supporting cast was strong.    David Wenham who played Harold Meachum and Tom Pelphrey who play his son Ward were the standouts.   I felt their presence every time they were onscreen.   The whole turn for the Ward character from jerk to friend I enjoyed.    


Finn Jones was a great Iron Fist.   At first, I wasn’t sold on him and thought he was a little too emotional.   But when I reflect on what the character had went through, you can see he is/has gone through some trauma.    His family died, he was separated from the world he was raised in.    Throughout the series, he went from being emotional to being stoic, at times struggling with the events which have happened in his life.    Showing the viewer, different sides of the character, Mr. Jones did an excellent job here.


The action I thought was subdued and satisfying.    I didn’t question that Danny Rand couldn’t kick ass.


All these series also really develop the side characters.   Colleen Wing played by Jessica Henwick was I felt one of the better, more developed side characters to date.   I enjoyed her more than Rosario Dawson in this series.    She was kick ass, and strong.   


Rosario Dawson was the reality anchor, questioning Iron Fist’s motives.   But I don’t understand why she continues to get involved with these superhero types, what does she gain besides bruises, stress, and headaches.   In this series, she begins fighting and holding her own.   This I thought was a realistic turn for this character, since she’s always in the middle of these adventures.   Watching YouTuber’s Emergency Awesome, spoiler-free review of the first six episodes of Iron Fist; there was a clip from Luke Cage where’s she ripping a tear-off phone number from an ad for Colleen Wing’s dojo.


The side characters.   This is my biggest gripe with the Marvel Netflix series.   I DO NOT want to spend full or ¾ of an episode focusing on the side characters.    The biggest offender of this was Luke Cage and huge chunks of episodes spent on Misty Knight.    Not what I came to see.   Give me a shorter series and emphasis on the main character, villains.   These series do a great job developing villains.   Vincent Donofrio as Kingpin, Mahershala Ali as Cottonmouth, Alfre Woodard as Mariah Dillard, Eric LaRay Harvey as Diamondback all being fine examples.   Less time on the side characters.   That’s it.   I don’t think you need 9-13 episodes to do so either.   Eight episodes max.


My biggest con with Iron Fist, all the time spent with him and the Rand Corporation.   Sitting in board room meetings, Danny Rand and the drama with the Meachums.   The series became a struggle to get through.   Story development is essential but can be done with less time focused on family and tragedy.   I almost feel they are taking a cue from the CW at points with the drama.   With shows like Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, insert drama here.   I don’t need the show to be action all the time.   Just trim the show, and the Danny Rand finding himself, please!


If I were to rate these series so far, it would be:

  1. Daredevil Season 1
  2. Daredevil Season 2
  3. Luke Cage
  4. Iron Fist
  5. Jessica Jones

I look forward to the next Marvel Netflix series which will be Defenders.   I’ve linked some graphic novels below which delve into Iron Fist backstory and some of his best story arcs.   Of course, I want to hear what you have to say in the comments below.   Thanks for watching/listening/reading.

Iron Fist graphic novels to read per this article here.   Here is 3 of  the 10 different stories mentioned.   There is more than one volume with these particular stories.

Here’s the YouTube version.


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