You are not alone. Practice Closeness.

On a recent episode of the Art Of Charm podcast, host Jordan Harbinger interviewed Kira Asatryan.   They discussed loneliness and how it affects 1 in 5 Americans.

I found this fascinating as I immediately thought, all the social media that we are plugged into has to play a role in this.   I feel with less human interaction, this feeling would naturally grow.   Human interaction is our nature as when we awake from sleeping or knowing when were hungry.   Its what humans do.

Key points to me in this podcast:

-More people are living by themselves present day ( I would add that in more developed countries, people are having less children as well).

-A 2005 study states that most people have ‘0’ persons to confide in.

The social media question is asked…our posts being ‘liked’ are not the same as having someone to interact with or talk to.   Social media and the number of friends we may have on a particular platform, can be emotionally and psychologically superficial.   It may not bring us close enough to reap the benefits of a real relationship.  It is also stated in the podcast that the biggest spike in specific age ranges when it comes to those affected by loneliness are millennials and the 40-50 year olds.   Loneliness can happen when your around friends and family as well.

Closeness is the remedy for loneliness.   Finding friends or cultivating current relationships to fulfill that need is the answer.   Asking questions like ‘why’ and caring to listen are actionable steps.   Knowing someone on a deeper level is the right track.   Check out this podcast…tremendous stuff.



here’s the link.

Kira Asatryan | Stop Being Lonely (Episode 504)