Reseller Rising Podcast Episode#0 Introduction

This is an introduction to who I am and what this show is about. I’m a newbie full time re-seller. I’ve been so for the last 8 months. I sell on eBay, Amazon FBA, and have several books published on Kindle, ACX, and Createspace.

The last 12 years I’ve spent working full time in a NYC hotel. Great union job, with full benefits and the most money I’ve ever made at any job. In summer 2014, I decided I didn’t want to spend the next 12 years of my life doing the same thing. I decided that one year from that time I’d like to be working for myself. I’ve been an ebayer since 99′ and never considered it anything I can make full time income from. One spring day in 2014, while watching reselling videos on YouTube, I went down the YouTube-reselling-full time rabbit hole. At that point I thought, I can do this, and gave it a shot. What really spoke to me is doing this full time and working from home. I no longer had a desire to get dressed up in a uniform to rush to work, and be in a place I no longer wanted to be. I thought that if I had worked from home, I’d have a lot less stressful lifestyle. Reselling full time does have it’s stressful moments, but I’d take those any day over working at a job full time. So I made a plan, worked the plan and now in summer 2015, I’m here doing the re-seller thing full time.

The intention of the show is to give back. If it hadn’t for the YouTube reselling community, I wouldn’t be here. I’m eternally grateful to that group of individuals who share information selflessly. What better way to give back than imparting anything, from my limited experience, to anyone who will listen. My other intention is also to find my tribe and monetize this podcast and YouTube show.

The summer is traditionally slow for retail overall, and I’m feeling the affects of that. I’ve not been making sufficient money to pay my bills and they are definitely late. I left my job without a plan, and I’m just winging it at this point. This has been a big mistake on my part. I’ve should’ve organized things and built eBay/Amazon FBA to a point where it  was making more money than my current job (at that time).

I don’t regret my decisions and have learned plenty.

This is who I am and I look forward to sharing whatever I know that can help you the listener, if your thinking about taking a chance and doing this full time

Thanks for reading/listening/watching. Comment below if you have any questions, comments, concerns.


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