Short Story: Edgar’s 1 Year Dry Spell


This is a short story I’ve written based on events which have happened in my life.    All the names and places have been changed to fictional characters.  There is a affiliate link inside this story.


Edgar is a romantic kind of guy.   When he gets excited about someone he is attracted to, he builds all these scenarios in his head of fun things he can do with that person.   Conversations they would have, things they can share.   He builds these imaginary worlds of what life would be like with this person.

Edgar’s favorite pastimes are reading and dancing.   Edgar only likes slim, paperback books.   He carries a backpack daily and has enough in his bag as it is.   He enjoys reading on his way to/from work.   He’s not crazy about his job but he’s grateful for the commute which is the best time for him to read.   

Edgar has been at his current job for the last 5 years and one of his favorite books is called the ‘Go-Giver’.   This book has changed his world view.


The book showed him the ‘universal rule’, where if he gave willingly to the universe, without expecting in return, the universe will always give back.   He lived by this

Whenever he wasn’t working or spending time with family or friends, Edgar would volunteer where he could.   Often if he would see someone in need asking for change or a dollar, he would give it to them.This is all born from the universal rule.   


When he was younger he would remember his mother playing salsa at home from artists such as Gilberto Santa Rosa and Marc Anthony.   She would ask him to dance with her.   He would always be annoyed at this.   During this time, he remembers his parents inviting friends and family over on the weekends every so often.   They would play music and dance until they got tired, while he played with the children in another room.

This went on for most of his youth.  

All the kids were around the same age group.   When he was 10, Edgar started noticing the girls a little more.   One called Cynthia he remembers being especially cute.   He noticed she really enjoyed dancing with the adults and didn’t play much with the other kids.      He wanted her attention.   He thought he can do this by learning how to dance salsa.   With now a vested interest, he asked his mother to teach him.


When the next get together took place he began dancing with the adults and it wasn’t very good.   Cynthia wasn’t impressed and didn’t pay him much mind.   Edgar disappointed, after 20 minutes of dancing and not getting Cynthia’s attention went to the room with the other kids and played video games until the party was over.


Cynthia even said ‘bye’ , he returned a ‘bye’ but didn’t even turn his head away from the screen.

After everyone left, he began to cry.    Believing he was terrible at dancing, and he was ugly and Cynthia did not like him.   His father came into the room and asked him what was wrong, he said ‘nothing!’ and dug his head in his pillow.


His dad said ‘you like Cynthia don’t you?’   He blurted a sobbing ‘Noooo!’   Edgar didn’t want to reveal his true feelings so he said, ‘I want to learn how to dance really good like you and mami!’

His dad asked ‘I know your not crazy about dancing, but you seemed to be having a great time earlier.   You stopped all of a sudden and came to the room’.


‘So!’ Edgar said.   His dad said, ‘don’t be rude Edgar.   You know you can talk to me if you have something that’s bothering you.   If you want to dance I will take you to classes.’

Ever since that painful moment Edgar learned has danced salsa.   He has grown to love it over the years.   The energy, the excitement, and especially the beautiful women he’s seen attend the classes and whom he’s partnered with as well.   This is where he met Michaela.




He met her while taking salsa classes.   Michaela is someone he liked very much but she only likes him as a friend and she let him know as much.   Edgar would love to know why?   Edgar thought, he is a nice guy, a giver and doesn’t know why Michaela doesn’t want to be with him.   He always drops everything as soon as she  calls or texts.


He tries scheduling activities with her but she cancels or reschedules.   He also thought ‘Am I one of those people who is idly waiting by the phone anticipating the next little morsel of attention from this person, who doesn’t even give me the time of day.   Are you that friend that would be in the abusive relationship because you ‘loved them’?   He thought about all of this way too much.


There was one clear night Edgar had gone to the nearby grocery store.   He noticed the weather was phenomenal.   ‘T-shirt and shorts weather’ he thought.   Tonight would be a perfect for walking alongside Micheala, rubbing shoulders, making loads of eye contact.   Holding hands, being purposely, in each other’s space.   There he goes again, imagining what things would be like if she only gave him a chance.


Over time his feelings for Micheala began to fade.   He made the metaphor of a plant needing water.    Without it, the plant dies.   He also remembered a quote he had seen before which said, ‘this too shall pass’.


She would text him every now and then with questions like ‘what you doing tonight?’   That excitement would return briefly.   He would respond back quickly and made himself readily available for whatever she would suggest.   But she wouldn’t text back.   He knew if there was any possibility of anything happening, it was all but dead.   This made him sad but encouraged Edgar sign up for multiple dating websites.   He carefully selected what he thought were his best pictures on his computer and social media accounts.   Spent loads of time writing a witty headline and a whimsical description.   Making sure in the ‘What I’m looking for’ section is open to most and not so exclusive.   


He even met someone, began communicating with them.   But realized soon after that he was not very excited about this person.   He didn’t wake up or go to bed thinking about this person.   When she’d text him he would smile but not respond immediately.   On one occasion he even forget to send a return text.   Michaela was still the woman foremost on his mind.


They were friends on social media.  He would see more of her posts then have communication with her.   One time she finally asked to meet up and he agreed.   He told her when he was available.   Once again, no response.   He was frustrated.   All he wanted to do was spend time with her in person.   He thought that if this would happen he might ‘win’ her over.   Once again he thought way too much about all of this.


The next day he saw a post of her on social media, having fun with friends.   Edgar unfollowed her on social media.   An emotional response, a frustrated response.   She contacted him through text and let him know she was upset he unfollowed her and didn’t want to continue being friends.  He dropped his bomb first by unfollowing her and she responded in kind.   He thought, ‘ longer wanting to be friends because he unfollowed her on social media’?   He apologized and said he was frustrated and just wants to spend time with her.   She did not want to reconcile.   He let her know that he will follow her again on social media, and that if she ever wanted someone to talk to he will be there.   She did not respond.   He was saddened by this.  




Edgar met Sandra on a dating website.   She had two children.  One was 4 and the other 13.   She told Edgar she very much enjoyed his profile and his vibe.   Edgar saw Sandra’s pictures and thought she was attractive.    Very beautiful, long, orange-ish, brown hair.   Full figured and height appropriate to his tastes.   Edgar’s presumptions on dating women with children, they may be a lot more comfortable with having sex and not require so much courting.   But his concern with dating single mothers would be their desire to look for a head of the household. Which he did not want.   


So he wanted a girlfriend, but not to be a dad right now.   The two had a few great phone calls together, there was a connection there.   In their conversations, Edgar did disclose his intentions.     At the two week point the phone calls from Sandra became less.   They organized a date to meet in person.   They met and had a great time.   Halfway through the date Edgar asked sandra why the phone calls started to become less and less?   She said that she doesn’t see a long term future with the both of them, because of his stance on children, and she wasn’t just looking for sex but a partner.   He felt bad but this was for the best.   They did go out again but the end result was the same, with the decision already being made on this potential relationship.   That it would basically go no where.   The phone calls have stopped but they remain friends on social media.




Zukie was an ex.   He dated her 12 years earlier.   Out of the blue she contacts Edgar to ask how he is doing and wanting to catch up.   She is one of the most beautiful women he’s ever dated, Edgar’s thoughts regarding exes; if he can still have sex with any or all of his exes, he would absolutely love that!


Zukie was going through a very emotional divorce.   She remembered that Edgar was a very good listener and would offer good advice.   They began talking.   Edgar suggested they meet up. He secretly hoped she might be interested in having sex.   After their breakup 12 years earlier, they got together a couple afterwards strictly for sex.   Edgar wasn’t crazy about the sex with her, but was caught up more on her beauty and the 9 month dry spell of no intimate activity with anyone.


She teased that she also has entertained the idea of their having relations.   He was through the moon with excitement!   They arranged a meetup.   He assumed they would come over to his place.   He cleaned it up to a tee…got a haircut..did laundry!   Edgar worked the 3p-11p shift that evening.   He would meet up with Zukie afterwards.   The person who relieves Edgar this particular everning called out sick.   Edgar was forced to stay the overnight shift.   He had to cancel the date!   The next day he texted Zukie and told her how excited he was to meet up with her.   How he cleaned up the apartment, wore his best uniform at work!   After that Zukie did not text him back.   He texted her a week after, still no response.   Out of frustration he unfollowed her on social media.   Her birthday was a month later.   He texted her again and wished her a happy birthday.   She thanked him, and that was the last he heard from Zukie.




Lydia was a dancer Edgar knew for a couple of years.   He always found her attractive.   She had a very curvaceous body, and a style all her own.   She also had a british accent which he found charming.    From time to time they would see each other at various parties and events they would attend.   They would greet each other then be on their way.   Over time Lydia would invite Edgar to parties of her particular interest.   Edgar wasn’t a fan of her genre of music but it would but he can dance to it.   He mostly would go to be around Lydia.   


She smoked cigarettes and it’s not something he was crazy about.   Lydia then began sending clips (over social media) of herself dancing to Edgar.   Edgar would think why?   But he was glad to have her attention.   He would compliment her on her dancing in her videos, she would be grateful and would invite Edgar to even more parties and events.   This made him grin from ear to ear.

He began to like most of her videos and pictures on social media, she began to follow his activities as well.   They even danced together at a party or two.  Those times had him over the moon.   She was beautiful and to have actual physical contact..yummm!   She would even teach dance classes in her neighborhood.   Edgar attended a couple.   He would be all smiles in the class looking at her teach, following along enthusiastically.


A particular evening after class, they walked and talked and had a fun time as they went back to the train to go home to their separate destinations that night.   He messaged her again and let her know how much he appreciates her attention and allowing him to take her class.   She didn’t respond.   A few days later he checks out her social media updates and she’s having a great time at a couple of parties since the class.   Edgar begins to think, she hasn’t responded to my last message and is now going to parties she would’ve invited him to in the past.   He hopes he didn’t say anything to upset her.   She hasn’t responded since then.   No messages, no party invites.   Lydia occasionally still ‘likes’ a picture or two of Edgar’s on his social media, but nothing else.



One year later and no action!   Edgar has not given up on his search for companionship and intimacy.   He knows that women around his age range want to eventually nest, have children.   But not all women right?   In these four situations which have taken place over the last year, he’s felt that he could very much be the issue or, these women simply were not that into him.  

We are all in some extent selling ourselves.   These women were not buying what he was selling.    


Also, how is that social media is such a deal breaker for people.   An observation, when he looks back, kind of amazes him.    How for some, it can determine whether someone actually wants to be your friend or not.   Which in part he scratches his head and thinks ‘it’s social media?   Is it even real?’


Meeting someone is similar to a job interview.    One sells themselves until they get a ‘yes’.    You have to go through many ‘No’s to get a ‘Yes’.   But the good news is you only need one ‘Yes’, and you have to ask yourself if it is a good fit.    If it is, you’ve struck gold, he assumes.


Edgar likes to see what his exes are up to from time to time.   When he looks at their social media and sees them happy, it makes him smile.    Now that happens over time.   His experience, when he follows them immediately after a breakup he begins time traveling(living in the past/future)and reminiscing on the good times and how things could’ve turned out.   His mother gave him advice regarding the end of a relationship.  She says ‘a complete disconnect is best.   Out of sight, out of mind.   It would help him/her deal with their emotions’.   

He knew that was the best course of action with the situations with which took place during the last year.   

Edgar was into self development and wanted to be a better version of himself and a better partner to whomever came into his life next.   He will be patient and take his time.   What’s the rush to have a relationship right now?   He took comfort in the old quote ‘good things come to those who wait’.  


Here’s the podcast version.



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