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An upcoming book takeaway will be Steven Pressfield’s ‘The War of Art’.   I was listening to an interview where the interviewee credited this book as being a big influence on their career.   


The key subject in the book is what Mr. Pressfield calls ‘the resistance’.   The ‘resistance’ prevents productivity.   Procrastination goes hand in hand with ‘the resistance’.   It can be a mental block, it can be making excuses to take action.    It prohibits getting things done.

I write the show notes/script for all the podcasts which later become blog posts and video.   When I began my daily practice late last year, I committed to writing 5-7 days a week.   This coupled with  journaling.   The last two weeks I’ve thought, ‘hey if i’m journaling that’s as good as writing right?’   Not really.   I take journaling as vomiting my ideas, thoughts, feelings onto paper.    Writing is more organized, more structured, I feel.


There is a connective thread I’ve found between James Altucher, Ryan Holiday, Steven Pressfield.    Besides Mr. Holiday and Mr. Pressfield being on Altucher’s podcast.


That thread being; the best modern day stories have similar elements to tales which have been shared for centuries.   And that if we instinctively get those specific story beats we often don’t feel that particular story is lacking.   Here are episodes from the James Altucher show, first with Ryan Holiday, after with Steven Pressfield.

James Altucher Show interview with Ryan Holiday

James Altucher Show interview with Steven Pressfield pt 1


When I watch movies, TV, read comic books, i feel these old story tropes are tired.   I want to write my own fictional stories, re-invent the wheel.   But after hearing this, I see how important it is to hit these storytelling memes.    I think this makes my job creating easier.

Someone recently asked me what one word do I love.   I said ‘growth’.    Thinking back I should’ve said ‘create’.

Here’s the YouTube version of this episode.

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