Want Mentorship on the Cheap? Let me Show You How..

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All these self help books, motivational speakers have a recurring theme.   It is ‘being the 5 people spend the most time with’.   They suggest, to be a better you, you should seek out people that are where you want to be.   The difficulty here is these mentors are often out of reach.   You may follow them on social media.   Possibly ask them a question, but they might not even run their own social media.   They may not even get back to you.


If you are like me, you want to grow and be better.    This is one of the pillars of this entire blog.


I heard Tom Ziglar say on a recent podcast ,something to the effect, that one of the more potent forms of happiness humans have is when they are growing.   Progressing in an lane that one is pursuing.    

What is the poor man’s method of getting mentorship?   I.e. what we, you and I do?

  • Reading your mentor’s books.
  • Listening to their podcast (if they have one).
  • Reading their blog (if they have one).
  • Watching their interviews online.    
  • Seek out fellow competitors’ material, which might answer some questions which your original mentor may not have answered.   

This last method has helped me plenty by the way and given me a more complete perspective, in the area I’m seeking to improve in.   Thus the reason for the mentor right?   


I heard James Altucher talk about this method in his ‘Reinvent Yourself’ book.   He called it a virtual mentor.   He also said a virtual mentor might be better than meeting the person in the flesh.   I haven’t met many of my mentors…yet.   


Digging into your chosen mentor’s material, you may truly get the best stuff from them.   Without having to pay an exorbitant amount for a course or attend a conference where they would be speaking.


Consuming their story, how they overcame adversity, their insight.   This could be the match you need to ignite the fire to put you on your desired path.   I’m all about the virtual mentors.


Thankfully, today, new mentors are all around and can be found at the touch of a button.   


I’ve also found that many successful (or on their way to success) entreprenuers possess a  massive willingness to share the steps to success.   A new mentor I’ve found is Roberto Blake from the Create Something Awesome Today podcast.   


His most recent episode (episode 015) he discussed how getting paid for your art is not selling out.    Another point he made on the same episode was that the best people are not always the successful people but the ones who work and are consistent, who hustle.   Mr. Blake says how he wishes someone would’ve told him that when he was getting started because it would saved him a lot of time in the beginning.   From trying to be perfect before stepping up to the plate and swinging for his goals.   I must of listened to that back about 4-5 times.


Doers make things happen.   Those waiting for the ‘right time’ or things to ‘be perfect’ will be left waiting in the wind.   Learn as you go and take action, make your mistakes.   The magic is in the journey.   The deeper learning is in the mistakes and failures.   


Want to be the next (insert person here)?   You may not become exactly that person but begin studying their work, scrutinize it, take it apart see what makes them tick.   Find their contemporaries, what are they doing in the same field.   Look into their mentors and what shaped them.   Virtual mentors = mentors on demand.